Dynamic investigations and measurements

In oscillatory systems which are excited at different frequencies resonances can be incurred. The function of the lifetime of the components can be restricted. In case of resonance issues, we can analyze your system to support you at the development of countermeasures. Our service is available around the world also in SOS cases.

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Sensor development

In some special cases the standard sensors cannot be used because of package or other reasons. We develop for these complicated issues specific sensor solutions or measuring methods.

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Preparation of Measuring equipment

We use our penetrative know-how for sensor applications like preparation of strain gauge Measuring bridges, installing of pressure transducers, load cells or different type of movement sensors also with use of telemetry systems.

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Trainings and support

We hold Rotec trainings in theory and praxis and demo measurements for beginner and advanced users. Also, outside of theses seminars we support users and interested parties in case of issues of measurements or post processing.

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