Preparation of Measuring equipment

We use our penetrative know-how for sensor applications like preparation of strain gauge Measuring bridges, installing of pressure transducers, load cells or different type of movement sensors also with use of telemetry systems.

We can realize the signal transfer with use of slip rings or also with telemetry systems, which allows the possibility to install the sensors on rotating shafts of moving parts.
The mechanic preparation of the components, the installing of the sensors and the build up of the wiring will be done in our own facilities.
We┬┤re in close contact to the largest German telemetry supplier (Datatel and Manner) which help us to realize sensor application on rotating shafts of movable parts (crankshaft, pistons etc.)
Our machining room has all equipment to make the necessary modifications on the testing parts and to make special tools and part for the instrumentation. We have also a good network with support in case of special issues (spark eroding etc.).