Dynamic investigations and measurements

In oscillatory systems which are excited at different frequencies resonances can be incurred. The function of the lifetime of the components can be restricted. In case of resonance issues, we can analyze your system to support you at the development of countermeasures. Our service is available around the world also in SOS cases.

We have versatile experiences in dynamic investigations of engine components and of other vibratory systems. For our measurement and post processing the most modern ROTEC torsional vibration analysis system will be used.

Our mobile measurement service team can carry all necessary equipment as a hand baggage, so from our side the preparing time for a test is very short and we can execute SOS projects too.

The measurements will be carried out the the last version of ROTEC system. This is a RAS Delta system with 16 slots with numerous speed and analogue channels, strain gauges amplifier cards and CAN Bus card. With this system we are able to measure torsional vibration and angular displacements of shafts, linear vibrations, stress of components and with the CAN card we can record the condition parameter of your system.

Our sensor storage is filled with a lot of different ROTEC standard speed sensors and with other different transducers for pressure, load, temperature and movement measurements (Kulite, HBM, Burster etc.). This stock allows us to realize a sensor preparation in very short time.

We have an in-house sensor laboratory where we can prepare the different sensor applications and we also develop new sensor solutions (strain gauge applications, miniature speed sensors etc.) for individual measurement issues.