Dynamic Investigation on combustion engines

We have deep going experiences in dynamic measurement and adjustment of part groups of combustion engines (timing drive, valve train) and of powertrain components.
In the past our focus was on the timing drive, which is a connection between crankshaft and valvetrain and it is dynamic complex claimed. A validation of faultless dynamic function and adjustment of the tensioner components make a complex way of thinking and understanding.

Acoustic analysis

In addition of lifetime limitation dynamic issues also can lead to annoying noise.
We have acoustic experiences to locate the origin of the noise and to support the development of countermeasures.

Torsional vibration analysis for the industry

The life and function of powertrain components can be greatly affected by resonances caused by torsional vibrations. An elaboration of the countermeasures is only possible with the detailed analysis of the vibration parameters. Our engineers have carried out torsional vibration analyzes in addition to the automotive sector also on ship drives, on uninterupted power units and TE measurements on gear drive of wind turbines.

Development of sensors and measuring methods

In the investigation of causes of damage or failure of components, the use of standard measurement techniques is not always effective. In such cases, you have to provide new innovative sensor solutions in the shortest possible time, which requires not only experience but also creativity.