About us

ZPTECH Engineering GmbH was founded in Hungary with the aim to create a powerful and
innovative mechanical engineering team that combines German precision and all the benefits of the location in Central-East Europe.

We focus on analysis of torsional vibration and on dynamic investigations of component groups (components in combustion engines or in the powertrain). We have deep experience in dynamic adjustment of timing and auxiliary drives, in transmission error analysis of gear drives and in torsional vibration measurements of different clutch systems.

Our team structure allows us high flexibily in a short reaction time. The mobile engineering service is avaible for torsional vibration analysis projects within two weeks. We can support you with measurements also in promt cases.

Our company we have a laboratory and a workshop where we can prepare
necessary components for the measurements and apply the sensors. The investigations usually take place at our clients or at our partners, dependig on the requiered equipments and test facilities.

We maintain a very close relationship with the manufacturer of the worldwide known
and recognized VISPIRON ROTEC measuring systems. We actively participate in organizing and holding international trainings and demo measurements. Furthermore, we support
Rotec users worldwide in metrological problems or in questions in the evaluations.

For the investigation we use the latest version of ROTEC Ras Delta measuring system and its fully licensed software. The hardware configuration of this system allows us to record torsional vibrations, dynamic torsional angles, slip behavior, NVH parameters, CAN signals, temperatures and signals of special sensors e.g. fired valve lift measurements.

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Pathy-Nagy Zoltán

Zoltán Pathy-Nagy has decided after more than 15 years of engineering in engine development to leave Germany and return home to Hungary. During these many years, among other things, he successfully led an engineering team. The team’s wide range of activities consisted of the dynamic coordination of tax incentives, functional investigations of prototype internal combustion engines, supervision of engine endurance periods and friction performance tests on engine components. He personally looked after most of the projects.

During the last two years he was head of ROTEC Engineering in Munich. During this time, he came up with the idea to create a team in Hungary.